VP of Sales

Client Profile: Joe, Vice President of Sales (Automotive Industry)

Mother Tongue: English
Sessions Completed: 4 (144 hours)

His role:

Joe directs sales in the field, managing a number of employees, while also liaising with customers and owners of some 125 stores and repair shops across Quebec. Generally, he is responsible for customer satisfaction, employee performance and store operations.  

His goals:

  • To communicate effectively in French with peers, field personnel, store owners and customers
  • Facilitate phone calls, as well as store visits 
  • Improve written correspondence, presentations and negotiations

In his own words:

“Before I began the French course with CR SL Virtual, I felt limited in my ability to interact in French and had difficulty with comprehension. As a result of this program, I have developed my ability to communicate and understand French. Discussion of work-related topics and current events helped me to utilise new vocabulary. I am no longer hesitant to participate in and lead meetings in French. 

The program is very interactive and the instructors put a lot of effort into making sure the content is relevant. I also appreciate the ability to attend classes when I am away from my office.”
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