Tech Specialist

Client Profile:  Jaime, Systems Technical Specialist (Electrical/electronic manufacturing industry)

Mother Tongue: Spanish
Sessions completed: 5 (180 hours)

His role:

Jaime is responsible for managing his company’s grinding business in North America. However, since he works in an environment where most people speak French, his communication skills needed immediate improvement. Jaime also needed to reach French Intermediate 1 Level (spoken and written) in order to complete the steps to secure permanent residency status in Quebec. 

His goals:
  • To be able to conduct technical conversations in French with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • To produce presentations
  • To improve his day-to-day interactions (reading current affairs, daily news, sports, education, etc.)
In his own words:

“My instructor played a very important role in my success, not only because of her teaching skills, but also for her understanding, support and responsiveness when I needed to reschedule classes. This flexibility was key to strengthening our common commitment to making this French program a success.”

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