Summer Programs 2017

Informal Conversation Practice Sessions
Flexible schedule ~ Anytime, Anywhere!
Success in language learning brings many rewards. Conversation practice with expert coaches makes it achievable. 

Do your employees take a break from their language courses during the summer? How can you ensure that the learning and momentum is maintained?

We have a proven solution: Conversation practice, informal and relaxed, when and where they choose!

Our language coaches join the participants online via our virtual classroom, interacting in real-time. 

The sessions can take place from anywhere (locally, nationally or internationally). Web-conferencing connects students to their language coach, and each other.  

We offer 12 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Hindi and Arabic.  
How Does It Work?
  • Participants receive an online calendar at the beginning of each month with availability options for informal conversation practice

  • They simply select their preferred dates and times throughout the month with one of our language experts!

  • They can reserve as many sessions as they wish. This can be done at any time (minimum 24 hours before) 

Affordable 10-36 hour packages available. Please contact us to learn more.

Summer Travel ~ What Foreign Language Would You Like to Learn?
Going on vacation or travelling for business in the near future? Learn the essentials, in the language of your choice.

Contact us with questions or schedule a free demo! / / 514-668-1156
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