Virtual Classroom

Advantages of a Virtual Classroom

Flexible and accessible, the virtual classroom is always open for learning—before, during or after work hours, or even on the weekend. 

Learning can take place
anywhere—at home, at the office or on business trips—as long as learners have a computer, telephone, headset and an Internet connection.

Our virtual classrooms provide a
secure, reliable and consistent learning experience. All lessons are recorded so that learners can review the content as often as needed.

Thanks to shared screens, professional presentation tools and media formats, a virtual classroom provides an environment that engages a learner’s various learning styles and skills.

Save on expenses related to travel and lost productivity. Virtual classrooms are always available, anytime and anywhere.
“From a professional point of view, I prefer the virtual classroom. This environment provided me with more flexibility and benefits, and it didn’t reduce my learning process. The instructor made the learning process a very lively and interesting experience. When I was away from the office, home or out of the country, I still attended my classes, but if I missed a class, I could view the recording of the class to catch up.”

Glicerio, Electrical Design Engineer 

"This course has given me more confidence, a better understanding of different grammatical aspects and has improved my vocabulary."

Ramamurthy, Maintenance Consultant

"Louise-Marie teaches according to my learning speed and introduces new lessons on an ad-hoc basis whenever I ask questions. Her approach makes it very interesting for me. I easily understand whatever Louise-Marie teaches! She has a flair for explaining concepts."

Pei Pei, Business Development Manager

What does virtual learning look like?  Contact us to schedule a free demo.
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