Jaime, Electrical Engineer, Technical Systems Specialist
(Electrical/electronic manufacturing industry)

“My instructor played a very important role in my success, not only because of her teaching skills, but also for her understanding and support when I needed to reschedule classes and her responsiveness. This flexibility was key to strengthening our common commitment to making this French class a success.”

Ramamurthy, Engineer
(Building materials industry)

"Learning French, specifically honing my conversational skills and technical language, was important for me both professionally and personally. CR SL Virtual instructors provide individual attention. The virtual tool makes you feel like you’re in a real classroom, while the concise daily assignments keep the lessons fresh in your mind. The course syllabus was very flexible and was designed to focus on the skills I most needed. I benefited from the course immensely.”

Glicerio, Electrical Design Engineer 
(Electrical/electronic manufacturing industry)

“From a professional point of view, I prefer the virtual classroom. This environment provided me with more flexibility and benefits, and it didn’t reduce my learning process. The instructor made the learning process a very lively and interesting experience. When I was away from the office, home or out of the country, I still attended my classes, but if I missed a class, I could view the recording of the class to catch up.”

Veronica, Competency Development Manager 
(Building materials industry)

“I liked the style and structure of the virtual classroom. The instructor made the content relevant for my job and life, so the classes were very dynamic, interactive and interesting. I have incorporated these new skills into my daily life: when I speak with my supervisor, during conference calls and when I write an email. I can express myself more clearly in English and I feel more confident. I also appreciated the ability to attend classes when I was away from my office.”

Joe, Vice President, Sales 
(Automotive industry)

“Before I began the French course with CR SL Virtual, I felt limited in my ability to interact in French and had difficulty with comprehension. As a result of this program, I have developed my ability to communicate and understand French. Discussion of work-related topics and current events helped me to utilise new vocabulary. I am no longer hesitant to participate in and lead meetings in French.”

Jaymie, Product Manager
(Pharmaceutical industry)

“The instructor is well prepared and always puts thought into the subjects being discussed. There is great attention paid to the quizzes and exercises related to the media presented. I feel the classes are tailored to my ability and there is continuity to the lessons, with one class building on what was previously covered.”

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