Language Strategies

 Customized Learning Approach 
When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Our accelerated and customized approach helps learners improve their comprehension, speaking, writing and reading skills in an enjoyable environment that will increase confidence and boost the clarity of their communications.

More specifically, we combine a communicative/task-based approach with Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) for business to help learners apply their new skills directly to the workplace.

For example, if a learner must conduct presentations as part of his or her work, we focus on:
  • Using appropriate expressions to start and conclude a presentation, as well as appropriate terminology during the presentation.
  • Using short sentences to communicate main ideas in a clear way.
  • Re-explaining something when someone asks a question.
Mastering a Language in the Context of
Corporate Communications

An organization’s reputation is built and managed through successful communication. Today, professionals need to be able to communicate with clarity and confidence. Whether it is to share ideas or explain strategies to colleagues or clients, or give training or presentations, excellent language skills are crucial. We help our clients communicate directly with their audience with maximum impact.

Our Process

  • A written and oral placement test is conducted to assess the learner’s level. 
  • Learners are matched with the right instructor, according to their first language and language of learning and preferred scheduling.
  • Course content is adapted to the learner’s industry, role and areas of responsibility.
  • Instruction is delivered in private and small groups of 2-3 learners.
  • Instructors and learners assess improvement using level evaluations, progress reports and surveys.
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