Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer more than French and English instruction?

We offer 11 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Hindi and Arabic.

Who are your clients?

The majority of our clients are senior managers, supervisors and directors, from a variety of organizations, such as engineering, automotive and pharmaceutical companies, as well as those dealing in consumer products, building materials and manufacturing. CR SL Virtual also works with individuals.

What types of programs do you offer?

We can develop a customized program in the following areas.

  • Second language:
    • Business/general French
    • Business/general English

  • Foreign languages:
    • Business/general Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic and Hindi

  • Specialized:
    • Business English: Accent reduction/pronunciation for non-native speakers
    • Business English: Write well and speak clearly
    • Francization for immigration testing
    • Francization for acceptance into a professional order
    • Business/general English or French: Conversation and/or writing practice sessions

Do the classes help soften accents?

Yes! In fact, if a learner has a heavy accent and is having trouble being understood in the target language, we offer a specialized course to reduce their accent, improve pronunciation and boost their professional communication skills. Topics include production of key consonants, vowels, contractions and grammatical endings. Stress, rhythm and intonation are also targeted.

What kind of spoken/conversational skills will learners be taught?

Our lessons are communicative and task-based. Depending on the learner's level and specific needs, the objectives may likely include learning how to:

  • Make phone calls
  • Engage in efficient, productive and focused conversations
  • Deliver effective and organized presentations
  • Provide and receive direction
  • Socialize!

What kind of written skills will learners be taught?

Writing instruction includes improving grammar and vocabulary, revision, formatting and editing instruction, as well as organization and outlining techniques. Lessons focus on effective writing of business emails, inter-office communications, proposals, presentations, etc.

What type of time commitment is required?

Our language instruction comprises a series of modules totaling 24 or 36 hours of instruction, spread out over 12 weeks, two sessions per week (1.5 hours per session). The modules and sessions are adapted to fit the desired level and needs of both the participants and the organization.

Do you offer intensive sessions?

The general structure is 1.5 hours per class twice a week (3 hours per week). If a student or small group needs a more intensive structure, we can customize the structure for faster results.

What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is similar to a traditional classroom, but instructors and learners are brought together simultaneously in a real-time environment to participate in live interaction, discussions, presentations, role plays, debates, etc. A variety of web tools, such as video conferencing, live chat and interactive whiteboards are also used to engage learners.

What can learners expect during classroom sessions?

Learning happens through expanding on pre-work, clarifying material and developing understanding, as well as discussing, reviewing, refining, debating and practicing customized contextual role-plays. There will be assignments. Materials used include class recordings, online articles and documents, videos, slideshows, simulations and podcasts.

How is the student’s current language proficiency assessed?

We send students a grammar and writing test to complete 24 hours before the oral evaluation. The 20-minute oral evaluation is done over the phone and via the virtual classroom.

How do you assess student progress?

Learners are evaluated regularly throughout the session via one-on-one assessments and/or written assessments. Both learners and supervisors receive regular progress reports based on the defined goals and needs.

Do you provide learners with a certificate once the course is completed?

Yes, we provide a Certificate of Proficiency after the completion of each level.

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