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Cindy Riding
President & Senior Consultant
“There is nothing more rewarding than helping people achieve their personal and professional goals through the acquisition of a second or third language. I believe the value comes in the quality of the journey. If the course is relevant, customized to the students’ specific objectives and enjoyable, success happens!”
Backed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Relations, Cindy’s strengths lie in training and development, human resources, organizational development, human relations and psychology. Thanks to many years of experience in professional settings, she understands the human and organizational dynamics that encompass an organization.

At CR SL Virtual, Cindy oversees the coordination, planning and implementation of courses. She is dedicated to maintaining the quality and results of our personalized approach.
Administrative Assistant

“The part of my job I enjoy the most is developing relationships with the people around me. The better I can get to know people and what they need, the better I can take care of them.”

Wanda has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University, so she’s used to finding creative solutions to challenges. As Administrative Assistant, she has worked in a wide variety of companies and organisations for over 25 years, assisting project and company leaders stand out from the competition.

We manage a large team of certified, dynamic instructors with extensive experience in business language training.

Spanish Instructor

“Teaching is not my job, but my passion. Being able to help others communicate is not only my duty, but my reward. My approach, my learning exercises and activities, are meticulously designed to fulfill the needs of each student.”

Since earning her Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistic Specialization, Literature and Modern Languages, Hispanic Studies from Université de Montréal in 2012, Cynthia has had the great opportunity to teach at the university level and has worked as a research assistant in six honoured institutions.
French Instructor

“One of my greatest strengths is my adaptability: I am always ready and able to personalize my teaching approach in order to best meet the needs and interests of my students.”

Passionate about the French language and human relations, Isabelle has a Bachelor’s degree in teaching French as a Second Language, as well as a Master’s degree in teaching languages. Having spent many years teaching immigrants, Isabelle is now devoted to helping professionals discover la belle langue.
English Instructor

"Being a language instructor allows me to indulge in my passion for people and cultures, for hearing stories and finding dynamic and useful materials and methods to help my students thrive.”
Jennifer has been been a language instructor for the past 12 years, working with universities, boards of trade, school commissions and various multinational companies in Montreal and Quebec City. She also volunteers for humanitarian and animal protection organizations. 
French Instructor

“Learning French as a second or foreign language is increasingly becoming a necessity for communicating in the workplace. Technology and the virtual environment have both facilitated the acquisition of these skills.”

Louise-Marie studied education at the Université de Montréal, before earning a certificate in teaching French as a second language at McGill University. She has many years of teaching French to adults in Quebec and Ontario.
English Instructor

“Teaching English goes beyond simply teaching a language. It is a means for people to relate economically, but also culturally, across borders. My greatest skill as a teacher is to help students build the confidence that is key to successful communication."

Janice has a degree in Commercial and Administrative Studies, Finance from Western University, and earned a certificate in TESL and TEFL at Benn’s International School in Toronto. She has taught General English and Business English in France, Switzerland, Cameroon and now Canada.
Spanish Instructor

“Every step in the learning process is a step closer to achieving a goal. I treasure each step, not only for the insights learned along the way, but also for the privilege of watching students learn to invest in the process.”

Victoria studied Languages and Literature at Buenos Aires University and Linguistics at Concordia University. She received her certificate in teaching Spanish as a Second or Foreign Language from the International House World Organization.
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