Helping employees develop proficiency in another language 

Live Online Business Language Training 

Do your business goals require that employees develop language proficiency skills in another language?

CR SL Virtual specializes in high-quality business language training to foster your employees’ communication, leadership, persuasion and negotiation skills--both spoken and written.

13 Languages Offered

English                                       French

Spanish                                     Portuguese

Portuguese (Brazilian)           German                                

Mandarin                                  Japanese                             

Russian                                     Arabic                                   

Italian                                        Hindi  



We develop customized programs in the following areas:

Second Language:
  • Business/general French
  • Business/general English
Foreign Languages:
  • Business/general Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Hindi and Polish
  • Business English: Accent reduction/pronunciation for non-native speakers
  • Business English: Write well and speak clearly
  • Business/general English or French: Conversation and/or Writing practice sessions
Exam Preparation:
  • Immigration (English or French proficiency)
  • Professional Accreditation (acceptance into an Order or Association)
  • Academic (University or College Admission)

"Learning French, specifically honing my conversational skills and technical language, was important for me both professionally and personally. CR SL Virtual instructors provide individual attention. The virtual tool makes you feel like you’re in a real classroom, while the concise daily assignments keep the lessons fresh in your mind. The course syllabus was very flexible and was designed to focus on the skills I most needed. I benefited from the course immensely.”
Ramamurthy, Engineer
“My instructor played a very important role in my success, not only because of her teaching skills, but also for her understanding and support when I needed to reschedule classes and her responsiveness. This flexibility was key to strengthening our common commitment to making this French class a success.”
Jaime, Technical Systems Specialist

“I work in English every day and my boss is an anglophone. Now that I’m more fluent, confident and able to have conversations in English, I often receive positive feedback about my improvement.”
Annik, Human Resources Director

“I started from nothing and I have progressed well in learning French. The lessons are very lively and interesting and I am very fortunate to have someone like Louise-Marie as my coach. I am not sure I could have accomplished as much with another instructor. Louise-Marie understands how different people learn and that informs her coaching. This is a very special skill.”
John, Executive Vice-President

“I really enjoyed the course and especially liked working with Isabelle. She is a great instructor and I learned a lot. The course is tailored to the needs of the students. The one-on-one setting allows the instructor to really get to know the student and their language proficiency.

I am a lot more comfortable speaking French than I was when I started. I also feel that conceptually, I have a better understanding of the language.

Spending so much time practicing with Isabelle has given me more confidence to speak to others outside of class. She also helped me realize that I need to put myself out there and speak as much as I can to rapidly improve.”
Daniel, Product Manager
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